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3 weeks ago

We gave the girls a book to prepare them for a gift arriving in the new year. 🤗 ⠀ Photo credit: @brianamoore

1 month ago

If I could choose you all over again, I would. Happy 2nd anniversary! So glad we decided to come to London and do as many escape rooms as humanly possible to celebrate. I love you! ⠀ 📷: @dianarothery

1 month ago

A few scenes from a photo walk I did on Friday with some of my team members from work. We were led by @the415guy , who created the route for our of our Adobe Digital Photowalks. There’s a link in my bio to the page where we host the walks - you’ll find not only this one from SF, but others for Brooklyn, Manhattan, Downtown LA, and Santa Monica/Venice. Have a look if you want to do a walk on your own own or with some friends! These were all shot in RAW on my phone using the Lightroom Mobile camera.

2 months ago


2 months ago

Louis and Jenny, for their engagement

2 months ago

Karen, pre-haircut

2 months ago

Thinking that I should start posting regularly again 🤗

2 months ago

#peiplusruby with my niece Ruby at 8.5 years old! It was a short visit to NC, but getting this shot was of course a priority! Tap the hashtag to see the whole series.

3 months ago

We were lucky enough to catch a preview of the Tanabe Chikuunsaii IV piece, Connection, last night at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. Each of his pieces is made of hand-split and woven strips of tiger bamboo, only grown in one of Japan’s prefectures. At the end of each exhibit, the structures are disassembled and the bamboo strips are taken with him to be turned into his next piece. This exhibit is viewable in SF until mid-August, along with a Tattoos in Japanese Prints exhibit which also just opened today.

4 months ago

Experimenting with a single Profoto B10 on a hotel rooftop in Kathmandu. ⠀ When I traveled to Nepal with @effect_org in March, I didn’t have as much time as I expected to talk about and teach photography, but there was one day when we sat on the rooftop from afternoon until evening, talking about the ethics of travel photography. We wrapped up the evening with a quick lighting demo that involved a bit of experimentation and this is the end result.

4 months ago

When the world belongs to no one else but you.