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2 hours ago

#badminton MD Amazing angle Credit Badminton Ham A Check out their YouTube channel. . . keren dah defens nya... pukul kayak apa aja balik bro... bisa gitu yak?heheh... Namanya juga latihan... kamu, udah latihan? tag temen kamu biar berlatih... Follow kita @bsm.badminton . . #badmintonlove #badmintoneurope #badmintonlicious #badmintonskills #Badmintonuk #badmintonlover #badmintonleicester #badmintonlife #badmintonengland #badmintontuneup #smash #defense #dropshot repost @badminton_tune_up

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Stick baits can be very virsitle bait. . Weightless or weighted? . Wacky rig, Texas rig, drop shot, shakey head. All perform in the right conditions! . Seen days where they CATCH more fish then any other baits! Fact.... . #worms #nightworms #wackyrig #texasrig #dropshot #shakeyhead #fishing #baits #softbaits #bassfishing #lures #pondhopping #lakes #swamps #fishin #flyfishingsaveslives ..... . . What is your Favorite way to fish a stick bait, An your go to color??? Drop a comment below... ..lets hear your thoughts...

5 hours ago

🎾🎾🎾 NEW PLAYER ANNOUNCEMENT 🎾🎾🎾 Welcome Claire Fahey @Claire_vigrass1 to #teamdropshot !!! Claire has recently taken up padel but has already be recruited for the British team and will be competing in the European Championships in Rome in November! Claire is an exceptional athlete and is also the World Champion in Real Tennis having won 32 Open Singles Championships and has been the World Champion since 2011. We are super excited to support Claire as she continues her journey in Padel! #dropshot #dropshotuk

6 hours ago

GURNARD, October 2018. A fish that I always wanted to catch ever since I saw one in Tesco on the fish counter... it took me over a year to figure the best way to catch them, I heard a lot about people catching them on metal jugs hopped along the sea bed over sand. I fished Brighton marina one day with my dad and I have him my spinning rod and reel and rigged it up with a 10g metal jig and told him to cast out and retrieve because he wanted to catch some mackerel, I then told him that if he hopped it along the bottom he could possibly catch one of these creatures... bang he was in, just a mackerel then he caught a few more mackerel then he moved next to me, he said oh I’ve got another one... this one feels different he said, I could see the line just kiting to the right with no head shakes. I said I think you’ve got a gurnard, he then pulled one up before I had ever caught one, happy for him but feeling sorry for myself I kept trying all day long to no avail. I returned the very next morning, the wall was empty and the sea was flat calm, I put on the lure my dad was using the devious day and on my first cast I felt the jig down, I then twitched it once and I felt a take, I set the hook and from watching my dad catch one, I knew I now had a gurnard in the line, I managed to get it in and this was the result, I can’t think of a more beautiful fish that I’ve ever caught and they’re still my favourite to this very day!

12 hours ago

Weightless wacky rig 😂 maybe I should switch out to a #DropShot and add a little lemon to it! That might get’em biting! #RippinLips

21 hours ago

Retour à la compétition demain avec un P500 à @padel_arena ✊ Let's gooo ! 🙏🎾

21 hours ago

📍Возможные варианты моделей и цветов, смотри в Каталоге 📝 . Ссылка на Каталог и Форму для заказа в шапке профиля (taplink.cc/alexs_jigstreamers) 👆 . Link to the catalog and the order form in the profile header (taplink.cc/alexs_jigstreamers) 👆 .