This was the last set of 3 working sets in the @arsenal_strength hack squat, I maxed on the previous sets which were 6 + 7 aside, so coach @Neil_yoda_hill1 wanted me to get under 8 plates aside. - I am Posting this to piss myself off and motivate myself for next week, in reviewing this video I know I had another one or two more reps in me. - Now I’m home, my legs are reminding me of a great session and are fckd and slightly cramping, I know I got into to them thanks to coach @neil_yoda_hill1 and @ifbbjondelarosa @fello_cambronero but next week I be back under that Hack, as I have to finish this fucker off! - **New** Army Green Dragons Lair shirts available link in bio #DragonsLair #LegDay #FlexLewis #1repCloser